Category : Johannesburg

20 Jan 2020

Cathedrals of Consumerism

The rise of consumerism as the dominant paradigm of social and economic order in modern times has seen society become increasingly focused on purchasing products as a means to create a sense of self and find fulfilment – a form of ‘retail’ therapy. The reliance on chronic consumption to fulfil […]

20 Sep 2019

Treasure hunt

  A story of hope about recyclers who go through people’s trash in the hope to make money and be able to feed their families. I believe: “Another man’s trash, it’s another man’s treasure”. Indeed that quote is true for them, as they go through people’s trash in search of […]

20 Sep 2019


VHUSIKU NDI DADA LIA LUMA is a project that looks into the psychology behind the idea of being safe. It wishes to explore how crime affects us whether we have experienced it or have heard of it happening far and near. I believe it is because of the many times […]

11 Sep 2019


  My project is aimed at the spaces the market has as I have acknowledged that every marketplace is a busy place buzzing with people, it is a space where economic growth and trading takes place. Spaces within Yeoville Market aims to take my personality to the place I am […]

10 Sep 2019


Underlying my work is the desire to learn more about empathy, sympathy, and compassion, and to convey these human traits in a way that impacts lives. My choice of subject is rooted in intuition and is propelled by a reflective desire to understand myself as a young black woman. As […]