Category : religion

21 Jan 2020

TUMELO (Believe)

  I grew up in a Methodist Church family, we would go to church together on Sundays. One Sunday morning I asked her why she did not join Women Manyano, because she is also married. Her response was simple and short, “Motlotleng go nna mme wa merapeko ke mmereko o […]

20 Jan 2020

Cathedrals of Consumerism

The rise of consumerism as the dominant paradigm of social and economic order in modern times has seen society become increasingly focused on purchasing products as a means to create a sense of self and find fulfilment – a form of ‘retail’ therapy. The reliance on chronic consumption to fulfil […]

05 Sep 2019


  The series of images I have developed focuses on the aura of the market. The market on the surface deals with the reality of gain vs. loss or the process of exchange.  Beyond that lies a subtle ritual, an invisible language, a notion of give and take and a […]