TUMELO (Believe)


I grew up in a Methodist Church family, we would go to church together on Sundays. One Sunday morning I asked her why she did not join Women Manyano, because she is also married. Her response was simple and short, “Motlotleng go nna mme wa merapeko ke mmereko o montse.” That was her response.

After completing Sunday school in 2015, I joined Confirmation class in 2016 . Confirmation class is where I was taught about the history of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa, and the Bible. Later that year we had a Confirmation celebration in church, where different Methodist Churches would gather together to celebrate with us. The day of the ceremony my parents did not book any photographer to photograph on that special day. We used my cell phone.

After completing confirmation classes, you then become a new full member of the church, you have to behave according to the teachings. You have to wear black and white and cover your hair. I attended confirmation class in 2015, but I feel that I am more connected with Jesus Christ now.

My life has always been documented using a cell phone, now I will be using a camera for a change.