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21 Jan 2020

TUMELO (Believe)

  I grew up in a Methodist Church family, we would go to church together on Sundays. One Sunday morning I asked her why she did not join Women Manyano, because she is also married. Her response was simple and short, “Motlotleng go nna mme wa merapeko ke mmereko o […]

21 Jan 2020


  This is a story of a social injustice happening in my backyard: Makause, the informal settlement next to Primrose. Several Ethiopian families have settled there, their life is confined between the walls of the container that hosts their Spaza Shop and the community they belong to. Their rituals, the […]

23 Sep 2019


  My project is about chairs in the literal sense. I was inspired by the chairs I saw around the market that reminded me of back home when I was a child and the stories that the chairs carried through being moved from one place to another.  As I saw […]

20 Sep 2019


  This project is about a man from Ghana that works at the Yeoville Market. This ‘African man’ called Alexanda has spent 5 years without a legal South African Residence permit. The mother of his children is from South Africa and he has a family of three. Alexanda came to […]

19 Sep 2019


    This essay is an exploration around the Yeoville Market. The idea is to rescue the history of this suburb. While culturally rich it is depredated by crime. The story I chose to portray is about a family – their motivations and challenges. The intention is to revitalize this […]