Nobuhle Mavundla


My project is about chairs in the literal sense. I was inspired by the chairs I saw around the market that reminded me of back home when I was a child and the stories that the chairs carried through being moved from one place to another.  As I saw these chairs I began to ask myself is it the same here at the Yeoville market.

With so many people that come from different parts of Africa there must be unique stories about the chairs the traders and their customers sit on.  With the time we spent visiting the market I realized that some of the chairs were not where I had last seen them, which made me realize that there are stories with the chairs, the stories that are passed on from every scratch to every burn and every broken leg. I took the photographs in such a way that there is a human element in them which I would like to carry through the project completion.

The Yeoville project is a public project that explores the market and its people as well as the surrrounding area. In my approach to the market I photographed chairs around the space. The reason why I chose to photograph chairs is because I believe they also have a story behind that sometimes people look past, specialy in a place like the market. I photographed chairs in  a mysterious way that does not really show where it is but show the chairs in a way that gives the chairs recognition.