Congo’s Girl power at Yeoville Market


This essay is an exploration around the Yeoville Market. The idea is to rescue the history of this suburb. While culturally rich it is depredated by crime. The story I chose to portray is about a family – their motivations and challenges. The intention is to revitalize this heritage in some way through photography.

There is a strong woman, owner of a charming smile. She learned her still small profession with her mother at home. She speaks French as her mother tongue and 7 years ago moved from the Republic of Congo to Johannesburg, South Africa. In the meantime, her son Guerschom was born. They are inseparable, even when they are in church.

I like to think that it is because of him I chose to portray this story. I’ve changed my mind during the process, because after a few trips to the market and a few hours of socializing with them, I was sure that it was the little Guerschom who chose me as a photographer.

Not only him, but the colors, the beauty and the symbolism of every piece of clothing produced in this “atelier” made of so many stories.