Category : culture

22 Jan 2020


  Employing Credo Mutwa’s thinking of deconstructing nguni words to their roots, I hope to find a different approach of looking at the term, but also understanding the concept of Umoya a bit more broadly. Starting with the first part, Mo (here, in Sesotho), imo (a condition in Xhosa), ummo […]

21 Jan 2020


  This is a story of a social injustice happening in my backyard: Makause, the informal settlement next to Primrose. Several Ethiopian families have settled there, their life is confined between the walls of the container that hosts their Spaza Shop and the community they belong to. Their rituals, the […]

20 Sep 2019


  This project is about a man from Ghana that works at the Yeoville Market. This ‘African man’ called Alexanda has spent 5 years without a legal South African Residence permit. The mother of his children is from South Africa and he has a family of three. Alexanda came to […]

05 Sep 2019


“I was walking to the market for the third time when I immediately noticed that the colour was different. They were painting it. After several years of Robin’s Egg Blue, the market is now Pumpkin Orange. I thought, it does not matter what colour the walls are because you slowly […]

05 Sep 2019


  Johannesburg has always been seen as a city of hope. This project shows the reality of the Yeoville Market, but also reflects the hopes and aspirations of its traders. The Market is a community of migrants, mostly economic migrants from all over Africa. It is a vibrant, colourful, often […]