Category : architecture

20 Jan 2020


    People surround us. We pass each day. Seemingly disconnected. Within walls. Tall walls. Like the buildings surround us.

20 Jan 2020


Distaliki is the African name for the informal stalls put up by vendors at any street corner or open spaces. The term is widely used in Setswana and in Sesotho, and it refers to familiar spaces within communities in townships and villages. This project explores the relation between these structures […]

17 Jan 2020

Alte: Alternative views of the city

  This series shows my personal view of my experience in Johannesburg CBD. Coming from Durban, my perception of Johannesburg was very negative. Now, living in Johannesburg CBD has allowed me to explore the city centre and identify the source of what, I believe, gives ‘the city of Gold’ that […]

19 Sep 2019


My story about the Yeoville Market is centred around the space of the Market and the actual structure and how people relate and interact within the space. People spend a lot of time at the Market and it has become a secondary community for most of the people there. The […]

05 Sep 2019


“I was walking to the market for the third time when I immediately noticed that the colour was different. They were painting it. After several years of Robin’s Egg Blue, the market is now Pumpkin Orange. I thought, it does not matter what colour the walls are because you slowly […]