Category : social issues

24 Jan 2020

Cape flats

  In 1975 the forced removals of all people of colour from Cape Town’s inner-city, created the so-called “Cape Flats”, where all “non-whites” were relocated. Mitchells Plain is one of those areas, where gangsterism and gang violence runs the streets. An ongoing, joint operation between the South African Police and […]

22 Jan 2020

Break Even

    The work that I am interested in and do a lot of is work dealing with issues of rape and other social issues, this is based on personal experiences as much as it is a global issue. My one biggest interest is using self-portraiture to speak about a […]

21 Jan 2020


  This is a story of a social injustice happening in my backyard: Makause, the informal settlement next to Primrose. Several Ethiopian families have settled there, their life is confined between the walls of the container that hosts their Spaza Shop and the community they belong to. Their rituals, the […]