Category : Mokone mphela

10 Oct 2019


    Umthwalo is a isiZulu word that’s means load/burden/luggage.Umthwalo (Load) is a project in which I aim to focus on the “load” that I have experienced from losing someone close to me: the strain caused by the death of a loved one is turned into the urge to preserve […]

20 Sep 2019

Treasure hunt

  A story of hope about recyclers who go through people’s trash in the hope to make money and be able to feed their families. I believe: “Another man’s trash, it’s another man’s treasure”. Indeed that quote is true for them, as they go through people’s trash in search of […]

11 Sep 2019


  My project is aimed at the spaces the market has as I have acknowledged that every marketplace is a busy place buzzing with people, it is a space where economic growth and trading takes place. Spaces within Yeoville Market aims to take my personality to the place I am […]