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Covid-19 has affected us physically and mentally. One cannot ignore the reality of fear that comes with an invisible virus and the stressful life challenges that come with it. There is no doubt that lockdown and social distancing are essential efforts used by the government to curb the rapid spread of this deadly intruder. 

Is home really sweet when there is restricted movements, uncertainty and stress in dealing with the reality of what we are experiencing? Constant news about the outbreak can also bring a lot of fear and stress. There is also the worry of the economic impact that is associated with staying at home. The Corona Virus has also disrupted the life of every child in the country. Staying at home means no school, no playing on the street and no hanging out with friends. 

Staying at home for weeks with limited resources, stimulation and social contact can bring feelings of anxiety. There is no escape to the social world. For some going to work was their comfort, meeting and interacting with people was fulfilling. Home is not sweet when one feels trapped, lonely and bored. Escape to the outside world is a longing, home is not sweet.