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25 May 2020


[spacer height=”20px”] Covid-19 has affected us physically and mentally. One cannot ignore the reality of fear that comes with an invisible virus and the stressful life challenges that come with it. There is no doubt that lockdown and social distancing are essential efforts used by the government to curb the […]

25 May 2020

Moments & Sunsets

[spacer height=”20px”] The best moments in life come when the sun sets to reveal the stars – The Golden Hour.[spacer height=”20px”] [spacer height=”20px”] It is between the hours of slow-moving traffic, and thoughts of what is for dinner, that I come alive as I say my last goodbyes. [spacer height=”20px”] […]

25 May 2020

The Bond

[spacer height=”20px”] Home is not a place…it’s a feeling.         [spacer height=”20px”] What I love most about my home is whom I share it with, the bond I have with my nephews. I love how they are very different, but they all give me the same feeling, with them […]

21 May 2020

Reflections Ngekhaya

[spacer height=”20px”] [spacer height=”20px”] During the first days of the Lockdown I actually spent most of my time out working on stories and shooting. However, as the days progressed, l would occasionally go out and as well as work from home. The more time l spent at home with my […]

21 May 2020


[spacer height=”20px”] [spacer height=”20px”] Home to others can be a big mansion in an affluent suburb, to others it can be a 4-roomed house in the township or a small shack in an informal settlement. My home is in Kagiso on the outskirts of what used to be a bustling […]